For all those out there who are actively seeking employment, Career Strategies is for you.
I spent considerable time searching job ads, going on interviews and sending resume’s only to be told ” we will call you” or “we will keep your application on file”. I found Career Strategies and their Experienced Staff. If you are sincere about finding a career and not just a job. If you want to work with and for people who are interested in you as a person, take the time to know you and place you in your new career. Then you need to call…

“Thumb’s Up”


As I am burning the midnight oil, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how awesome CSI has been to me over the past year & particularly the last few months.  I have been in some really tough spots & both Vickie & Jennifer have gone above & beyond to accommodate my community’s needs.  I was particularly impressed recently to find out how they took a candidate from a completely different line of work & prepared her very efficiently in their class to understand the basics of leasing.  The candidate told me herself that she was able to catch on so quickly because she recognized the things that were taught to her in the leasing class.  As you know It is really hard to find good help & although every candidate is not the right fit , Vickie & Jennifer have worked very hard to understand the type of candidates I’m looking for in all my positions & they communicate very candidly with me to meet my needs to the best of their ability & beyond.

Because of these two professionals I started using CSI exclusively and plan to continue doing so in the future.  As a property manager I know we can be demanding & rarely do we have the time or take the time to say job well done or thank you for your phenomenal services.  So hats off to the CSI team for stellar service!!!

Please commend your staff on my behalf!


To describe Career Strategies as anything less than amazing would be a vast understatement.

I was paired up with two amazing recruiters and they were there for me as soon as I had first contact with them. I can describe them as extremely professional and truly cared about how I was doing. 

They found me a company that I was looking for and fit my personality perfectly. I even received a number of phone calls that gave me the confidence to do well during my interviews.

I am extremely thankful that I found Career Strategies on Yelp, and recommend this company to anyone who wants and needs a little help finding a job that’s right for them.

A+ all the way!


Career Strategies is an amazing staffing agency! They have brought me to my dream company and dream job. Throughout the process they were extremely helpful and attentive. I was able to communicate what kind of position I was interested in and they followed through the rest of the way. I am so thankful to them for everything they have done and would recommend them as the top staffing agency in LA! Thank you to the team at CSI!


To describe the service I received from Career Strategies… I’ll just say LIFE CHANGING! Thank you.


My experience with Career Strategies has been one of the best I’ve ever known. The staff in Alexandria was amazing! I also have to say that the team in San Diego was also so professional that I feel compelled to continue with the company on my next adventure in Chicago. 
Thank you so much to all of you. What life savers!!!


I loved working with this company. They were always very attentive and helpful and very quickly got me into the leasing business. This company helped me find my full time job and I am so thankful to have been given their information.


Awesome company with awesome people! Diana has helped me a lot. I am very happy and satisfied with Career Strategies. Highly recommended!


I LOVE Career Strategies! As soon as I walked through the front door everyone was so warm and friendly. They listened to me and made note of everything I wanted out of my next career move. I wasn’t just a number to them, I was a human being. They placed me in less than a week with a wonderful company. For the first time ever I actually enjoy coming to work. On top of that they got me hired very quickly =). I could cry just thinking about how hard they worked for me.

I’ve worked a lot of temp assignments with various other agencies and they were all complete nightmares! I have horror stories about the companies I’ve been placed with in the past. I was taken advantage of and the agencies did nothing to have my back. 

Save yourself time and go with Career Strategies! They are the best, I swear.


Career Strategies are the best at what they do and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Thank you for all your help.