We've got them all.
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When you need help, we’ve got talent.

Need a property manager to be on location at the crack of dawn? Someone to man the sales desk for the grand opening? A maintenance genius willing to troubleshoot into the wee hours?

You got it.

One call, problem solved.

At Career Strategies, Inc., we’re here for you! Temporary or temp-to-hire people for projects of any size or to fill in for absent employees. Direct hire and executive recruits for your most tricky-to-fill roles. Let us manage the details!

What’s in it for you?

  • Less time spent recruiting and fewer staffing headaches
  • Better talent, faster than you can find on your own
  • A true staffing partner to advise and consult
  • More time to spend on activities that increase your bottom line

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Check out these great services.


Sometimes you just need someone to come out, get the job done and go home. That’s when you need temporary help. We’ll send someone to finish a project or fill in for an employee who is off vacationing on an island paradise. They will get the job done with a smile. You might just want them to stay – Career Strategies temporaries are THAT good!


You need a new employee! Maybe you don’t have time to interview or you want to see their skills in action first. We’ll send you one of our best people so you can see how they work and fit with your team. If the person is indispensable – offer them the job. If not, we can send you someone else. You don’t have to decide in the first two minutes. Kind of like speed dating without all the awkwardness.

Direct hire

Don’t have time to interview a million frogs hoping to find that one prince (or princess)? Let us kiss the frogs for you! (Not literally. This whole thing is a metaphor.) Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll do the screening so you can choose the best frog candidate in the shortest time.


Finding your next big cheese turning into a big headache? Let us take care of it for you. We’ll scour the four corners of the earth to find just the right executive talent to lead your team and execute on your most challenging initiatives.


Getting writer’s cramp from cutting checks, filling out tax forms and handling benefits and insurance? Want to see someone in action before extending an offer? Put down the pen and pick up the phone! Add your new hires on our payroll and we’ll take care of everything with just one call.

Impressed yet? We hope so! Check out our locations and contact us today!