Clothing and Body Language Send a Message

People make judgments within six seconds about everything from your economic level and self-confidence to your trustworthiness and honesty. Make sure you are sending the appropriate signals! Dress for Success – Appearance/Attire The general rule is all articles of clothing must be neat, clean, pressed, suitably matched and of a fabric and color appropriate for… Read more »

Action Words to Catch an Employer’s Attention

Accepted Consulted Implemented Programmed Accomplished Contracted Improved Promoted Achieved Controlled Increased Proposed Acquired Coordinated Initiated Provided Acted Counseled Inspected Recommended Adapted Created Installed Reconciled Administered Demonstrated Instructed Recorded Advised Designed Interpreted Recruited Allocated Developed Interviewed Reduced Analyzed Directed Invented Referred Approved Displayed Issued Reorganized Arranged Distributed Judged Repaired Assembled Drafted Launched Reported Assessed Edited Located… Read more »

Preparation Outline

Step 1. A proper resume is your FIRST step in presenting yourself to a prospective employer. Remember that the resume will create the interview opportunity. Step 2. Having secured the interview with your resume, you must now make yourself as prepared as possible. That begins with understanding the business environment/culture of the prospective employer. You… Read more »